Thank you for your donation as the need is greater than ever. image

Thank you for your donation as the need is greater than ever.

Your gift directly helps residents & staff in crisis.

$1,393 raised

$30,000 goal

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Be Kind. Always.


"I am a resident at the Healthcare Center and had an outstanding balance that accrued before my Medicaid was approved. Although I was making regular payments of $25.00 per month to pay this down, I only receive $40.00 per month as a Medicaid recipient."

Unfortunately, this meant that I could not enjoy anything that had a cost associated with it – the beauty shop, lunch outings, outings to parks or events, and many other things that other residents had the opportunity to participate in.

Happily, the Wayne B. Smith Compassionate Care Fund was able to take care of my outstanding balance, freeing up my $40.00 per month. I can now enjoy here at Sayre all the things they have to offer their residents!"

"I have worked at Sayre for several years. My son passed away unexpectedly and we were not at all prepared for how expensive the costs would be associated with a funeral. Thank goodness for the Compassionate Care Fund for stepping in and helping with these huge expenses so that I would not be behind in my rent."

"I fell & hit my head and broke my eyeglasses & my ankle. I couldn't afford new glasses...and the glasses that I broke have an 8-year-old prescription and 15 year-old-frames. They were beyond repair. My current medical prescription costs prevented me from saving for anything extra like this.
Thank you for helping me get new glasses!"

"I was staring eviction in the face. Before my significant other moved out, I had two incomes and was able to share the rent expense.
When my significant other moved, I was stuck with the remainder of the lease. The lease was coming to an end and I had plans to move out anyhow. I had been working with HUD to secure low-income housing so that this would never be an issue again.
Unfortunately, HUD told me that if I had an eviction from my current residence, I wouldn't qualify for low-income housing.
As a single parent of five children, I was struggling and just needed a leg up.
I have been a loyal supporter of the WBS fund and though I don't have much, I always contributed through my paycheck. I never thought that I would one day be the recipient of funds myself.
Thank you, thank you!"

It is in that spirit that we ask you to give generously as there is always someone deserving in need of compassionate care.